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Cosmo Coil Bobbin & Component Catalog:

The Cosmo Coil Bobbin & Component Catalog contains over 4,300 standard bobbins cases and headers.

No manufacturer in the world has a larger or more complete line of standard coil bobbins and components.


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In this catalog, the airplane icon designates a part that is available for next-day delivery through our Quick-Ship Program.
Dimensional Tolerances:
  All dimensions shown in this catalog are subject to commercial tolerances. The actual dimensional tolerance on catalog items fluctuates due to the variables in molding, and depends upon the original tool design, the material type and its corresponding shrinkage rate.

Dimensions and tolerances shown throughout this catalog are subject to change without notice. Cosmo encourages you to request samples to verify current dimensions. Cosmo can not be responsible for typographical errors.
Material Availability:
  Parts in this catalog are available in most of our standard materials. However, dimensions will vary from those indicated if a part is ordered in other than the material for which the tool was designed. Part numbers 83000 through 89999 are only available in thermoset materials. All other parts are only available in thermoplastic materials.
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