79 Years of Experience  
Since 1945, Cosmo Corporation has produced close to five billion precision plastic components and over 15,000 different part numbers. Over 12,000 of these part numbers were produced by tooling we designed and built in our own facilities.

As a precision molder that specializes in coil forms and knobs, Cosmo's technical support teams can aid you in ways most molders can not. Whether we are making design suggestions to minimize tooling costs and reduce scrap, or anticipating and solving potential assembly or regulatory problems before parts enter production, Cosmo understands the coil winding and knob businesses and how our customers actually use our products.

We know how to produce your precision plastic parts right the first time because we've done it before. Cosmo's 79+ years of experience working with customers and their applications lets us make a positive contribution to your product by offering suggestions and providing solutions you may not have considered. The result is a lower total cost to our customers.