Unit Molding Efficiencies  
Cosmo introduced the use of unit molding to bobbin production. Unit molding is sometimes referred to as "family molding" or "insert molding." Our mold base systems provide a variety of cavitation options, and are designed specifically for the efficient production of coil bobbins and other precision molded products.

How unit molding works:
Each of our unit mold bases can accommodate a number of interchangeable cavity inserts. When you require less than a full mold, Cosmo can combine your part tooling with part tooling for other customers, and produce the parts simultaneously in the same mold base.

Benefits of unit molding:
• Significantly reduced tooling lead times
• Lower tooling costs by tooling only the exact
  amount of steel you need.
• Lower part prices by sharing molding costs
• Production flexibility.
• Faster tooling setup times.