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Quality Overview:
Quality Commitment

Cosmo Corporation is committed to supplying the highest quality product to our customers. We are totally dedicated to continuously meeting this objective.

To exceed our customers' expectations, reliability and quality are designed into the product from the start. Proper tooling is built and maintained, and manufacturing standards are established to ensure that customer requirements are met or exceeded.

The successful implementation of our Quality Program ultimately depends upon the conscientious application of these principles and procedures by Cosmo employees. We are confident that our reputation and success in the marketplace is a reflection of our employees’ desire to achieve the highest levels of product quality and customer satisfaction.
ISO 9001 Registered 

All of Cosmo Corporation's facilities are ISO 9001:2015 registered. We achieved ISO 9002 certification in 1999, and were recognized ISO 9001 in 2002. Cosmo is listed under certificate number 21651-1.
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