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Shaded Pole Motor Bobbins:
Cosmo's selection of shaded pole motor bobbins covers the vast majority of pole piece sizes in various stack heights to meet your fractional horsepower needs.

An "X" in the chart below indicates that Cosmo offers at least one standard bobbin with that pole piece width and stack size combination. Please contact Cosmo for more information (including drawings and free samples) of all parts that meet your size requirements.

These bobbins are used in a wide range of applications including: fan motors, gear motors, vibrators, small appliance motors, pumps, vending applications and others.

Cosmo's shaded pole motor bobbins are normally molded of 6/6 glass filled nylon which provides stiffness and high heat distortion. For higher heat applications, DuPont Rynite is also available. Numerous termination options are available, including: solder, quick-disconnect and weldtab terminals. Some bobbins are also available with insulation displacement terminals.
Pole Piece Width (in Inches)
  .540 .565 .580 .593


.693 .710
5/16 X X X
3/8 X X
13/32 X
7/16 X
1/2 X X X X
9/16 X X
19/32 X
5/8 X X X
11/16 X X
3/4 X X
25/32 X
13/16 X X
7/8 X X
29/32 X
15/16 X X
1 X X X
1-1/16 X X X X
1-1/8 X
1-5/32 X
1-1/4 X X
1-5/16 X X
1-11/32 X
1-1/2 X X X X
1-9/16 X X
1-3/4 X X
2 X X X
2-3/32 X
2-1/4 X
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