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Cosmo Coil Bobbins:
Standard Coil Bobbins -

No manufacturer offers a larger or more complete line of standard coil forms and components:
• Transformer bobbins designed to meet VDE,
   IEC, CSA, UL and all international standards.
• Surface mount bobbins
• High and low profile PC mount transformer
• Pot core bobbins, with and without terminals
• Transformer bobbins, with solder or quick-
  disconnect terminals, and without terminals
• Reed relay bobbins, with and without
• Solenoid bobbins
• Shaded pole motor bobbins
• Automotive alternator bobbins
• Square, rectangular, and round core bobbins
• Encapsulation Cases
Custom Coil Bobbins -

Cosmo Corporation is the world's leading producer of custom coil forms. For many customers we have created a complete family of related bobbins for the introduction of a new component line.

Our 61 years of experience, unrivaled quality, and quick turnaround times are just the beginning. Read more about our custom molding capabilities.
Terminations -

Cosmo is uniquely equipped to supply virtually any type of termination in a bobbin. Available styles include:
• Wire terminals for through-hole printed circuit
   board and surface mount applications
• Stamped solder
• Quick disconnect
• Insulation displacement

The entire line of Cosmo terminals is designed for insertion interchangeability. On standard terminals, there is usually no charge for terminal insertion equipment. All that is required is a simple holding fixture.

Cosmo offers over 700 standard terminal styles. In addition, we can develop custom designed terminals of all types to meet your needs. We stock a wide variety of solder coated wires from which to form almost any shape and length of wire termination. Our in-house stamping facilities produce all of our stamped solder and quick disconnect terminals.

We have designed and built custom automated machinery for high speed terminal insertion. These machines use the latest in control and vision systems to assure accuracy and maintain superior quality.
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