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Cosmo Custom Molding:
The majority of Cosmo's production consists of custom parts. Product engineers and designers worldwide come to Cosmo Corporation to manufacture their most complex designs.

Unmatched Experience:

Since 1945, we have produced over 12,000 custom molding tools. Our experience puts us at the forefront of design and manufacture of precision engineered thermoplastic and thermoset parts.

Cutting Edge Production Facilities:
Cosmo operates the most technologically advanced production facilities in the industry. Our automated molding and secondary operation machines were designed and built in-house from the ground-up and incorporate unique control and vision systems to guarantee production quality. Our manufacturing innovations drastically reduce production costs, and more than double the efficiency and output of our nearest competitors. The result is superior quality parts delivered faster - at prices that are competitive globally.

Tool Making:
Our in-house tool shop can produce more than 350 new tools each year. Our staff of highly skilled toolmakers and machinists operate a full complement of vertical and horizontal mills, surface grinders, die sinking & wire EDM, and CNC machine tools.

Unit Molding Efficiency:
Cosmo employs unit molding and proprietary mold bases to provide a variety of cavitation options. Unit molding guarantees that you only pay tooling costs for the exact number of cavities you require. Benefits include significantly reduced tooling lead times, tooling costs, and part prices.

In-house Engineering and Design Service:
Cosmo's Product Engineering Department is dedicated to working with customers in the design and development of new or redesigned parts. Cosmo's design services are offered at no cost and include:

• Full part print layout on CAD.
• Dimensional analysis based upon shrinkage
   for proper fit of mating parts.
• Part design that optimally meets your needs,
   requires the least expensive tooling, and
   creates a part highly suitable for production.
• Material selection assistance.
• Analysis of regulatory requirements.
• Sophisticated CAD/CAM modeling to simulate
   the results of the mold design, including
   material flow and mold cooling.

Early Vendor Involvement Program (EVI):
Cosmo's EVI program brings Cosmo design engineers in at the beginning of the development process, and helps avoid costly rework. EVI also offers the flexibility of electronic sketch, drawing and document exchange to reduce the design phase from months to days.

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