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Cosmo Knobs & Controls:
Standard Knobs & Controls -

Cosmo Corporation manufactures a complete line of knobs and controls for electrical and mechanical applications. Our standard line includes a variety of styles molded in thermoplastic and thermoset polymers:

 • Grooved Style Knobs
 • Serrated Style Knobs
 • Mechanical Knobs
 • Linear Slide Knobs
 • Military Knobs
 • Fluted Style Knobs
 • Control Knobs

Cosmo knobs are available in numerous standard shaft sizes and styles. Standard design features can include:

 • flush brass inserts
 • set screws
 • push-on round and rectangular holes with and
   without springs
 • threaded holes
 • molded-in metal studs

As part of our standard line, we also offer a variety of finishing options such as:

 • aluminum inlays
 • aluminum and plastic caps
 • hot stamped lines and numbers
 • painted lines & dots
Custom Knobs & Controls -

Cosmo Corporation is a leading supplier of custom designed knobs and controls. Our manufacturing capabilities span a wide range of thermoplastic and thermoset molding methods and materials. We also offer extensive finishing operations including: drilling, tapping, set screw insertion, spring insertion, machining, inlay and cap attachment, silk screening, pad printing, hot stamping, and painting.

Whether you are looking to modify an existing part or create an entirely new part, our product engineers can help you combine form and function in the most efficient and cost-effective design. Explore our complete custom molding capabilities.
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